Vegan Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum


Why Hyaluronic Acid? -  Though its’ name sounds strange, this is a naturally occurring substance within our skin and bodies. Babies have a much higher concentration of it in their skin, giving their skin that oh-so sought-after 'baby soft feel'. Our natural quota diminishes as we age and our skin loses its suppleness & elasticity. Widely used as a 'Derma Filler' in beauty procedures, it’s been discovered that Hyaluronic Acid works just as well when applied to the skin's surface, so long as it has a low molecular (weight as ours does) making it more easily absorbed by the skin.

100% Plant Based Ingredients - Do you have Sensitive Skin? You may not be aware that actually, truly sensitive skin is actually quite rare and what we think of as  sensitive skin more often than not actually normal that has reacted to being overloaded with the harsh, synthetic chemical substances that now take for granted. It is incredibly rare to find a beauty product without any synthetics despite the many claims on bottles! Formulated and handcrafted in the UK by a sensitive skin sufferer, EvoNatural uses 100% natural ingredients with ZERO synthetic and animal ingredients. It is currently available only in the UK.

Mildy Fragranced using beautiful natural oils for a delicious and delicate natural scent. These oils were specially selected not only for their beautiful scents but for their skin rejuvenating properties. You may also opt to buy the unscented version if you have particularly sensitive or reactive skin conditions because even pure essential oils (distilled fragrances from particular plants) contain allergens.

Use morning and night for maximum effect. Following your normal skin cleanse. Apply a small amount of the serum using fingertips to cover your face, neck and décolletage. ALTERNATIVELY add a little to your usual day or night moisturiser for an added hydrating effect.

Contains VITAMINS C, B & E! - The added benefits of Vitamin C, a natural part of the collagen building process, adds strength and firmness to the skin. Often sold as separate serums, EvoNatural’s Hyaluronic Acid gives a huge boost of Vitamins C, B & E.

30 day satisfaction guarantee - if you are not satisfied, please return your item for a full refund!

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