Painful, Broken Skin


Weirdly, when EvoNatural began in 2013, it was with no intention of creating a new beauty brand. Following a catastrophic adverse reaction to hair dye in 2010, I was left with dermatitis all over my body. Furthermore, from that point onwards I was unable to tolerate ANY of my usual body and hair care products. My shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, scents - all caused my symptoms of cracked, itching & bleeding skin to return.



Now imagine your entire bathroom cabinet turning against you. Suddenly you are banned from your 'go to' products, your daily 'get ready for work' ritual - gone. Nothing is the same! So on top of dealing with painful cracked skin, I could not dye my hair, hence went grey overnight. Nor could I do any of the 'pampering' things I would ordinarily do to feel better. I was desperate to know what had caused my skin to react so badly to just ordinary body care products and thus began my search for personal care products that did not irritate or exacerbate my skin conditions. I soon realised that the harsh synthetics that were likely responsible for causing my dermatitis were found in almost all beauty & household cleaning products, even the ones claiming to be natural! - from washing detergents to lotions to makeup - making avoidance an impossibility. 


Were Harsh Synthetics - Responsible?


Following many months of fruitless searching the larger chemists and department stores, I found that vegan and handmade craft products were much kinder to my skin. Finally, I thought, this is it - but really I was just SO so delighted and grateful to have products that didn't hurt me any more. The quality was lower than I was used to and they were somehow - just a little ...unappealing. But hey - no more pain? A fair trade! Then I thought - surely there must be a better way? I knew that there were some luxury products available at the higher end, these supposedly contained higher contents of natural active ingredients but these were frankly - out of my price range. And it served to fuel my growing resentment with the whole beauty industry - I mean, why should you need to be rich to buy less dangerous body care items? Something was seriously wrong!


Affordable YET Luxurious, Eco-Friendly Beauty Products. Do They Exist?


Why did safer, natural products cost so much? All I wanted was cruelty-free, eco-friendly pocket-friendly and yet also luxurious personal care! Was it too much to ask? It was beginning to dawn on me that such products simply did not exist. To find them, I would need to formulate my own. The next few years were spent learning to formulate from scratch, at home. I started by making my own face creams, body and hair oils, hair conditioners and shampoos for myself and my family to use.




I found that not only was I now 100% free from the debilitating skin complaints that had unwittingly started my journey but moreover, after many compliments about the products, I decided to offer samples to friends and family back in 2016. The reaction took me by surprise.


They loved them so much that they demanded more. furthermore, many of them were aficionados of the higher end products and advised me that EvoNaturals products were 'a million times' better -  hence the company was born. Launching online in 2018 with its first 100% plant-based luxury products, including our amazing natural Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C serum. It's the epitome of luxury with its uplifting, yet sensuous scent, also available in unscented. 


EvoNatural - 100% Free From Synthetics and Nasties!



We started without a rule book. You see, whereas most beauty brands start with existing formulas, then tweak them or 'add' a natural ingredient here and there - they essentially all start with the same petrochemical-derived base, from the lowest cost ones to the highest.  Almost everything that is on the shelves starts that way, and most of them are there not for you, but solely for the purpose of boardroom profits. We began by formulating from scratch, creating new formulas exclusively from plant-based ingredients, with healing and soothing sensitive skin as the driving force. Yes, it was harder to find the ingredients that would give the same feel as the on the shelf products we are all used to, but it was well worth the effort! Finally, I had my safe, non-irritant, all natural luxury body care.


A Higher Proportion of Quality, Natural Ingredients


Because we do not add any artificial or unnecessary additives, you will find that there is simply a lot more 'space' in our products for high quality, potent active yet safe ingredients - high quality all the way. Everything in them is necessary AS WELL AS being good for your skin, right down to the natural scent. People always say they notice a big difference when using them'. As a result of this approach, the products feel, smell and most importantly - have outcomes unlike any that you may have experienced before. 


Be the First to Try it. 15% Off for 12 Months!


To celebrate the launch, after many years in development, EvoNaturals first 200 online customers will be entitled to 15% off all EvoNatural purchases - VALID for 12 MONTHS - PLUS you'll get free shipping on all purchases until the end of 2018.


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