About us

You Made it!

Congratulations! You have found the the home of truly natural, luxury skincare.  That's really what you've been searching for, right? Well that's what we make here -  100% synthetic free, AMAZING-for-your-skin  moisturisers, serums and emollients. We are brand new, as of November 2018 so that is why you have not come across us before, and rest assured we will be extending our range in the very near future so keep in touch!


Just another skincare brand?

This is not just another skincare range, because frankly, what would be the point? It had to offer something different. We did not start this in the same way most other brands are created. We started this with your skin in mind, and asked 'what does our skin really REALLY need' the answer was not anything that was currently available! We decided to do away with the existing template, to simplify the whole thing and formulate from scratch, without the unnecessary plasticisers, solvents, silicones and fillers which are now synonymous with the beauty industry. Most of the ingredients they use at the very best do absolutely nothing for your skin and at worst are harmful and in many cases downright dangerous!  That's why we started EvoNatural, even though there literally are thousands of other brands out there. Well, technically, they are mostly all made by the same 7 companies which would explain why their products are so samey - but I digress, a story for another time!


Where it all began

Following an extreme reaction to hair dye a number of years ago I found my skin was so sensitive that I could no longer use ANY purchased personal care products. I began to wonder what was in them that was causing my reactions? Dermatitis, Eczema - but of course if you read the ingredients listed on the back of your products they are choc full of unpronounceable synthetic ingredients - basically plastics! This is going into our skin, into our bloodstreams and causing all manner of problems. 


Do Natural work as well as synthetic products?

I just thought ‘there must be a better way’! So I learned to formulate from scratch, spending 4 years learning the craft of lotion making and began on ingredient research, I kept saying, how can I make this even better, how can I make it more luxurious, I wanted it to create the absolute best moisturiser money could buy. I found incredible plant based active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ferulic acid, along with beautiful oils that soften and work in harmony with your skin such as squalane and jojoba.  Natural collagen boosters, wrinkle erasers, skin plumpers and conditioners, skin vitamins and triglycerides. Basically we did not skimp on quality or cut corners to help the companies bottom line. I began making my own face creams, conditioners and body oils just for myself and family. That was back in 2013, and using these products effectively cured my skin conditions and at the same time gave me the luxury products I had been craving, and never found no matter what the price point. I wanted others to experience that same feeling of ultimate luxury whilst not compromising on quality, safety or luxury. 


Evonatural products are 100% natural, non-synthetic and extremely luxurious. Go forth and  enjoy! Join the GENUINELY natural revolution. Your skin will thank you.


Emma Maguire,